W E L C O M E . . .

The Bar is Open!

I know we promised our patrons a fully operational website by October 1st. But like our boys in Washington, we aren't quite there just yet. But  the Bar is open and functional so can buy anything you desire, with peace of mind. You can still use your current beer site as your favorite for now, but by January 1st. 20... when the frick ever, you will have to make this your Beer Favorite Site.

Beer it's whats for dinner!!

Check out the Barley Pop Shop and check out what's on the menu. No fruity beer here! Then fill your mugs with some great presents for yourself or your friends. 

What’s Fermenting?

Here’s what our artist is dreaming up!


The “Bored of Directors” approved these items.

Be Happy! Hail the Red White and Brew.

Beer Bottles



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